Orders Availability

Monday, May 19, 2008



Size :
~ 1 oz souffle cup
~ 2 oz souffle cup
~ 3.25 oz souffle cup

Flavors available :
~ Vanilla
~ Chocolate Moist

Frosting :
~Choc Fudge


Others :
~ Nutti Strawberry - vanilla cupcake with strawberry filling & top with peanut butter

For quotation and details, please contact me..


ourprecious said...

Hi I m Aileen. I m planning to give out mini cupcakes as table surprises during my wedding dinner. Quantity is about 600 pcs. Please let me know the price. Thanks

rien said...

Hi Aileen...may i have ur email address? i will send it thru email..

thanks :D

ourprecious said...

Hi Rien, thanks for your reply.

My email address is yisi@hotmail.co.uk

momolu said...

hi, i m senora, i would like to know if i want 120 nos of mini cupcake as refreshment after my church wedding mass. please let me know the price. venue at kl, date : 10 july 2010.
please email me : s_lai_kuan@hotmail.com

Ina said...

I have few occasion in May ni,
1) may sista wedding nak cari muffin compele with wrapping for 800pcs how much per pc u bole quote?
2) My daughter besday looking to do besday cake theme barney & friends klu bole nak barney tu standing cake mcm slalu org buat barbie doll cake
3)cake barney tadi (point no 2) nak buat 2 tingkat atas barney bawah cuppies for 50pcs

Bole tak awk quote point 1, 2, 3 and email to me ina_3979@yahoo.com.my